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The Unofficial Splinter Cell Sight

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorow

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Current price $19.95- $25.00 US dollars

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorow, the second release in the series, it is probably my least favorite but i still can play it all day long. The grafics are very good for it's time... even still today, the only bad this is the mouths on charaters. When somone talks outside of a move clip in the game their mouths just don't look right. Though you really souldn't be staring at people mouths for too long unless your trying to over hear a converation. The only reson i say that SCPT is my least favorite is because of the games mission locations. Half the game takes place in jungels which to my just dosen't seem to fit a Splinter Cell. The rest of the game is in places like Jerusalem, moving trains, and other cool locations. Jeruselim is by far my favorit mission location in SCPT.There are many different ways to play the mission some are very helpful. During the mission you have to get threw Jerusalem pick up your SC20K and SC20K attachments then go underground where you find a vile. Here the conversation right after you take the vile, its pritty cool when it hapens in the game

Lambert: Bring that vile back sam we need to have it analized to find out whats inside.
Sam: i could open it.
Lambert: and you could play rush and rulet with a clip loading pistol.
Sam: come on, wheres your sense of humor.

It turns out that the vile containes small pox and Suhadi Sadono and Norman Soth are planing out using it as a cemical bomb. The best part of the game is the ending when you go in to capture Sadono.
He is brodacsting a live internet video of him saying "It has been ten days since the Americans told me they would get me with in ten days as you can see" and just before he says "they were wrong" you grab him. the gardes around him are too scared to shoot you b/c they say "Don't shoot we can't risk kiling Sadono" so you easaly kill the gaurds with your SC pistol but then its still not over. Norman Soth still has the small pox vile and uses it to make one more chemical bomb. He takes it to an airport and puts it in the back, he sets the timer to detonate. You have to go in and kill all the terorists including Soth. After that you go to defuse the bomb but there is not enough time to defuse it Lambert recomends puting it in the basement to minamize the death total to hundreds. Sam has a better idea he dresses himself as a janitor and carrys the bomb into the public section of airport and leaves it there and walks away seconds later airport securaty checks it out not knowing what it is. After a few second they relize its a bomb and call the bomb squad. The bomb squad comes in and defuses the bomb with seconds on the clock. There fore all the bombs are destroyed and the king pins of the terorist operations have ben taken out. Your mission is completed.


The online play isn't half bad but VERY one sided the mercs pritty much always lose being the fact that if they are knocked out and sleeping the spies can jump on ther heads and as they're getting up and it will kill the merc but theres nothing the merc can do about it. My 2 favorite online maps are "Cinama" a VERY FAIR map for spies and mercs [its basicly a movie thearter] and "Where House" another fair map with many difernt paths for spies to tak to avoid the mercs to get the mision completed [its just like home-depo(the store) just with more walk ways above the boxes and crates].  There is ranked and non-ranked games for all i know the highest lvl is 33 world wide but on average the highest level people you see are like level 5-8. You never really see the 9-33 lvl people. I think the closest to lvl 33 is like 22. But that dosent mean anything b/c i'm lvl 6 and i can take lvl 13's and 14's never seen anyone higher so who knows. Even if you dont like the online play the single player will make up for it GARENTED! 

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