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The Unofficial Splinter Cell Sight

Splinter Cell Double Agent

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Will be $60.00 US dollars for X-box 360
Origonal X-box will be around $50.00 US dollars

plinter cell fans every where have been waiting for Splinter Cell 4 and now...its coming. with still NO RELASE DATE all that is known is it is coming out some time in spring 2006. SC4 is Garented to amaze you on your x-box, your playstation 2, your computer, and your upcoming x-box 360. UBISOFT, the most amazing video gaming companie around, will most likely be trying to beat there old record of 9.9 the unheard of score on the x-box consle, there for while every other companie is saying that they are making the perfict video game UBISOFT is acctualy doing it. UBISOFT has relesed little to no iformation on SC4 except that it will go deep into the character which will hopefully/most likely be Sam Fisher. i have put the current tralier below it will take a while to load up but its worth it. UBISOFT has not realesd any game play or screen shots but has relased this short 51 second movie just to spark our imaginations and get us thinking...but we have no idea what is coming


Click here for the only tralier currently out